A comprehensive contact for you as an entrepreneur

As lawyers we see ourselves as a comprehensive advisor and contact person for you as an entrepreneur. Our task is to accompany you and your company over many years. In case of legal questions we act as the first point of contact and can help you to classify problems and find solutions. If necessary, we can add specialised colleagues from our network to the team and manage the consulting process for you.

We advise entrepreneurs and companies in all phases of their development – from the founding process, the support of their daily business and possible expansions and acquisitions, restructurings or changes of legal form to the liquidation or arrangement of a company succession.

With more than ten years of experience as lawyers, we have become familiar with the various areas of entrepreneurial activity in very different industries and from different perspectives. In the various stages of our legal careers, we have worked for a large number of small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations from various sectors on a project basis, as an insolvency administrator, as a legal restructuring consultant or as a litigation attorney. In addition, we support several entrepreneurs from various industries as an outsourced legal department and first point of contact for all legal questions arising. This very generalist work is supported by the experience gained in a previous employment as a corporate lawyer for a medium-sized energy supplier of one of our colleagues. This professional experience, acquired over a long period of time, enables us to classify and evaluate challenges that entrepreneurs are repeatedly confronted with, regardless of the industry.

Legal optimization of your business strategies


A special service for small and medium-sized companies without their own legal department is our offer to support you as an external legal department without much bureaucratic effort. Especially the many small questions of everyday life often contain numerous pitfalls that can be avoided in this way. Please contact us if you are interested. We can develop an optimal offer for your company and your needs.

Lawyers are often seen as objectionable and a brake in a business process. This is because legal training is geared to the business transactions in which something goes wrong, rather than to functioning business practice. We see our profession as finding constructive and workable solutions for you, not telling you what can’t be done.

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